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September 16, 2012

RUT Sep/Oct Calendar

Sell  RUT Sep 865 call
Buy  RUT Oct 865 call

Margin: 10.05 per contract

Risk Profile:
Images by Thinkorswim © 
Game Plan:
  1. Portfolio Size: $50,000
  2. Max Risk: 2% per trade ($1,000)
  3. Profit Target: 15% of margin ($150)
  4. Max Loss: 20% of margin ($200)
Max loss per contract is $200 and Max risk per trade is $1,000 this trade can be up to 5 contracts (5 X 200 = 1000).

*Note: All prices are shown as of 9/14/12 close

Update: 9/17/12

No trade today. Will have to wait for the next set up.